Art. Just Do It!

First let's clear up some myths.

Myth No. 1. If you don't sell your Art, it's not good. What a load of nonsense. It would be nice if every Art Collector, purchaser was close at hand every time we finished a creation but...HELLO real world here. Art is a luxury, and with the state of the financial highway, it's turned into a real luxury and for some a forgotten one. Don't take it personal if your Art doesn't sell anytime soon. Times are hard for everyone but especially those that create supplies for the senses..

Myth No. 2. If you don't have any 'Art Schooling' you'll never make it in the Art World. I'm a firm believer that only the School of Life can teach you the survival skills and creativity skills you need to sustain a long Art history (and I'm not talking about money here). If you need to learn a certain technique there are so many readily available ways to learn now including of course books and Youtube. I'm not knocking Art School I'm just saying those that can't afford it shouldn't fret. 

Myth No. 3.  You need experience to paint. Nuh uh! You need brushes, paints, canvas and imagination. I buy sketch and wash pencils and draw out any ideas I might have on the canvas.  When I'm ready to do the darn thing I use a damn cloth or white paper towels and simply wipe the pencil marks away.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way... the only reason you can't create is you. The only way you're going to find your 'Creative Bone' is to go out there (or in there) and find it.

Start with something simple and inexpensive, like a pencil and some paper. Use all the tools available to help you like PBS (lots of Art shows and woo hoo they are free). Tracing paper is a good way to start. No joke, find a pic of something you like, use tracing paper to outline it and then start painting or coloring. The next time, look carefully at what you did, then do it free hand. Buy an inexpensive Journal or Sketchbook and use it as a practice book. I have books and books of drawings LOL. And some of them would scare you! LOL

Stop saying you can't and give it a shot. You may just surprise yourself. And ignore those outside voices, this is your creative life! Do You!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.