Today is a good day to Start Something You! How many times have you told yourself I wish I could do that or 'I want to do that but don't have the time or the money or the skill'? Do it today! There is no excuse for not being creative if your heart desires it. Long before I became a Craft Hoarder I had no funds for the 'real' supplies so I got creative with everything from plants and flowers to paper bags, newspapers and more LOL.  So let me help you get started with a great prize kit to get started on your craft, specifically a paper craft such as scrapbooking, card making, collage, and jewelry making this is a great contest :-)

Post a comment stating what your fantasy craft is, why, if you've tried it already and what your favorite themes and colors are.

Need an example? Ok, my fantasy craft is collage. It's fun and gives me a great way to escape for a while. I can use so many things within reach like scraps, labels, etc. No matter what type I create I always feel as though I've accomplished something major when I'm done! My favorite themes and color are limitless!

 Ok lets have some fun. Post those comments and let's get this party started! I look forward to this party and your responses! And as always be sure to check out my Facebook and YouTube for ideas and inspiration.

***Also, if you're interested in sponsoring a Contest on this blog be sure to let me know! :-)) Good Day!



Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.