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Wearable Art

 There's nothing like wearable at.  
It not only shows your style 
but also accentuates your character. 

All of these pieces are one of a kind.  
Just like you!

Diviacity on Amazon!

The Secret Lives of Bees

The Secret Lives of Bees
8x10 on Chunky canvas

Bling Bling!

Handmade wearable Art

Each piece created with love and gratitude. 
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I believe we all come with a set of faces. mainly happy, sad, indifferent 
and crazy (which includes mad, disgusted and WTH).
This piece can represent any of us on any given day!

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Dream and Live

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What would we be without dreams? Where would we be without dreams? I say I am daydreaming when I create during the day. Each piece I create takes me to other places. Sometimes the past, sometimes the future sometimes who knows where. I call Art healing because it provides us with more power for our imagination, it helps us forget and release, and it keeps up inspired and even motivated.

Look up Goddess

This was a healing piece for me. I started it sometime ago and it quickly became a meditation focus for me. Physical pain disappears when I'm lost in these pieces. Generally I have to force myself to stop  LOL🤪
for info: diviacity@gmail.com

Follow Your Heart

 People always ask where I get my inspiration and ideas for creating my pieces. The truth is I get them from you. Situations in life, things I talk about with people living loving and going through life and so on. In other words I am inspired by life and nature constantly.

There Can Be Only One!

Work in Progress

Being unique has it's own rewards. One of those rewards for me is in my Art making.  I love making my own embellishments. It's one of those things that sets my Art apart. I make these items by hand and put special thought into each one. Kind of like I live my days. I wake up and think 'amongst what ever life brings today I will add ... a trip to the gym? Some glitter and glitz? A trip to nature? (Art is always a part of the equation). Whatever it is it adds more purpose, excitement and motivation to my day and has become a great daily habit for me because me and my brain have that kind of relationship. 
If I speak it into the universe I have to deliver LOL. 

I do have to be honest and admit that one of the things that started me on the path to making my own unique pieces and art was the feeling I had when I came across fake, attempted copies of my work (mostly jewelry).  I decided then that I would work on always having something to show the unique side of me. My spirit and character goes into each piece of Art I create. It's what gives me uuumph! And as I always say Art is one of the greatest healers for me there is. Art and Nature.

I created these pieces using Air Dry Clay. I love this medium because it's pretty much no mess and easy to work with.  The pieces pictured are to be added to 2 different pieces I'm working on. The small piece above is one of them.  
And yes...that is real fake eyelashes in that frame with the rose head LOL

One thing my Art Collectors can be sure of is that there can be only one! 

I can't wait to add these handmade goodies into my pieces!

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Queen She


There is so much going on in this piece. Mentally anyway. This is another one of those stepping outside of my usual comfort zone pieces. I call it Queen! It's all about powerful women. Women who lead, stand strong, move forward in the face of all that could send them backward, pain, loss, life. Women who love and live and let live!  Queen She!!!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.