Steph Jordan

Steph Jordan creates her art for all the right reasons.  She uses it for meditation, self-reflection and self-evaluation. And most Importantly she uses it to Inspire others.  Steph creates collages that reflect the world around her and she adds a message to each piece for the viewer, so they might be empowered by her positive energy and have the courage to chase their own dreams.
Ryan: On your website you state that you’ve been creating art since childhood. Do you remember what inspired you to start?
Steph: There was a lot going on in my world as a child, a lot that was hard to deal with. It was a way for me to get lost. So, art became a healing tool for me.
What keeps you motivated today?
Well, I consider myself an ‘empath’ or empathic. I’m sensitive to everything that’s going on.  It’s easy to get stressed or overwhelmed by the chaos of life if you don’t have an escape or meditation. I still use my art as a healing tool, a way to tune out or unplug.
If I’m feeling hurt, I turn to my art.  If I’m feeling happy, I turn to my art.  I’m motived by life and I put it all into my work.
The Little Things
Have you always worked with mixed media or collage? 
Poetry was first for me. I would write crazy poems that no one understood but me. At twelve I started to submit to the poetry anthologies, trying to get published.  Then I got into making jewelry and sewing long before my collage work.  I was interested in anything creative really.
But nature was always involved. I’ve always included it in my work.
What type of jewelry and are you still making it?
I was big into crystals and knowing all their different meanings and designed a lot of different styles using them – all very unique. I would use the information about the stones to build custom pieces for people.
My jewelry can be found at:  Steph Jordan Eye Candy.
Was it your initial love of poetry that made you start incorporating phrases into your collages?
I include the messages because I consider it my job to inspire with my work.  People always get something different from the messages depending on what they’re going through.  But it’s always positive and Inspirational.
Did you take art classes in school or college?
No, I never did.  I’m completely self-taught.  But I teach classes.
Where and when do you teach?
I get invited to teach at different stores like; Joanne Fabrics; Michaels; and a few stores in Berkley.  And I do workshops for private parties too.  I’ve been teaching for over ten years.

Steampunk Dreams
Tell us about the piece, ‘Steampunk Dreams’.
Although I haven’t quite figured it out yet, I love the steam punk style, it’s really cool.  I like the vintage feel and the movement represented in all the gears and sprockets. I’m all about movement.  Let’s just keep it going and move forward.
In this piece I tried to tie the manufactured look of steam punk with my other inspirations. Movement: represented by the balloon, birds and gears.  And nature: represented by the tree and plants.
Are you working out of a studio or at home?
I have a room in my house set up as a studio, but I also have stuff set up right in my dining room – That way it’s the first thing I see when I walk in.  I’m usually sitting down creating before I even change my clothes. I dive in and release everything as soon as I get home.
Where do you show and sell most of your work?
I’ve had it in a lot of stores but that comes and goes. I’ve been in a lot of local shows. The last one was at Gallery 219 in Roseville.  Those shows are curated by a friend of mine, Gabriel Sanford.
Plus, as I mentioned I teach workshops at private parties. Which I call ‘Collaging with Abandon’.  I always have good luck selling there as well.

Dreamy Visions
What was the inspiration behind ‘Dreamy Visions’?
This piece has a little window in the middle.  Like looking into yourself.  One way I keep drama out of my life is constantly looking into myself and asking questions. Is this a good way to react? Is this a respectful way to be? Am I being kind to others? I’m always evaluating myself before moving forward.  That’s what this one represents.
You also run the art page: Living In color with Steph Jordan.  Why not just have one art page for your work?
I started ‘Living In color with Steph Jordan’ a couple years ago. Because I know there’s a lot of great artists out there who are scared to show their work, or maybe someone told them not to, or that they’re not good enough.  I want to show them it’s possible.  So, on this page, I don’t just show my own work – I also share all the interesting stuff I come across and try to inspire people to live their passion.
I’ve also done the Art Abandonment too.  Because owning art is a luxury, but I think everyone should be able to experience the privilege of owning art.
How did you go about that?
Oh, I love to abandon art.  I’ve left it out on sidewalks, in the park or any random place.  I used to work next to the capitol in Sacramento and I’d go over there and just stick a piece in the bushes with a note that said; “If you find this it’s yours.  If you don’t like it, please share it with someone who might.”

Born Free
What is your long-term goal for your art?  Are you working towards something or are you just creating in the moment?
I used to say all the time that my dream was to create art until I die.  And then one day I thought, I’m actually living my dream because I create art every day.  That’s my journey and I’m living it.

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