Christmas Tree Bling for Full Moon Series!



One of my favorite things about charm bracelets is the fact that each one is a reason to celebrate and tells a different story. They can be created for milestones or to convey specific messages or just for the hell of it. You can show your love for something in particular like Art, sports or music. Each of these was created with different emotions like every piece of Art I create.  Being an eclectic artist I never stay on one path too long and I have a short attention span which is why some of them have all kinds of mixed messages  

The great thing about giving them as gifts is that they show the recipient that you pay attention. That you noticed all those special little things about them. Their loves,  their habits, their hobbies. And frankly I think they are a pretty sexy piece of jewelry! And..... yes they can be made for men too. A sample to come soon. Great time to get started on that Holiday Giving :-)
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Wear It Well! Jewelry that Makes a Statement!

Arm Candy! One of a kind! Full Moon Series! Leather Cuff Bracelets! Stylish! Unique! Sexy! Delicious! Wearable Art! Statement! Express Yourself! Custom Made Say It Well!

Unique Jewelry for Unique People! This piece was created for actor Alex Carswell to wear in a commercial he was shooting for the Full Moon Series! And he wore it well!
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The Vampire Fairy. A fun video to celebrate Full Moon Series Books!

A little fun in the sun! The Vampire Fairy is a video I made for Full Moon Book Series. I love silliness! :-)


Are you hungry? Ha! Me too. But not to worry. I have a delicious page on Facebook 'Two Crazy Chicks and a Spatula' and there's constant yumminess going on over there! Lots of variety too. I cook whatever comes to mind, and even though I try to lean to the healthy I do have a tendency to ride the fence sometimes LOL. Amy cooks Paleo and let me tell you, you'd never know it was paleo if we didn't tell you. It tastes that good!!! Come by and check it out and like our page :-) And get some good tips, recipes and more. You can also share your own goodness!



Under the Full Moon!

Ok, I'm a grateful chick and I gotta tell you, I have every reason to be! I'm alive, I got love, I'm an Artist...I have connections with so so many fabulous people, including you if you're reading this LOL.

Anyway, recently I was fortunate enough to hook up with some creative people from a whole different genre of Art and I'm having more fun than a Diva in a Glitter store!!

When asked to create some unique items for Full Moon Series I was challenged, honored and on go!!! Creative energy activated, by the power of Mighty Artists....GO! Ok sorry, LOL I get so pumped. Here are some pics of a few of the items I created.

You can find out more about the Full Moon Series line of Sexy, Imaginative and Creative Vampire books on Amazon at Full Moon Series Books or searching P. Mattern or visit their FB page at
Full Moon Series Info for fun, contests, reading and more! Always jumping...or biting!

While visiting make sure to stop in on Fang Tastic. Supporting Creative Authors with contests, information, marketing and more! And the Contests are awesome! :-) Yaaaaay fun!


Art and You!

You may have heard me talking about Art as a healing tool many times. And still I stand by that. You may not pay much attention but if you do you will realize Art is all around you. Nature paints a new picture everyday! People, movement, right now, right in front of you, the colors, the plants, ok you get the point. Art has been my go to medicine since I was a small child and I'm pretty sure it will see me out of here.
There are tools at your disposal that can open you up to a whole new world of Art. Like your phone. Honestly not a day goes by that I don't take pictures. Something always catches my eye, a bird, a tree, a meal... something. Sites that once you pass them up you may never see them again. And for that minute or three while you're gazing upon whatever it is... you have given your senses a breather, a break from whatever they were focused on previously. Seriously, try it. Bring color in. Maybe in small doses...don't freak yourself'll want more and more until you just can't stop yourself.  It will make you smile and even when creating, it's okay to come up with some funky stuff. That's what Art is all about. There is no such thing as perfect Art. Fine Art is a perception as I was told by a Gallery once. It's what you consider Fine Art. Perfect lines, circles and squares are ok for some, but if you really want to bring it in, go for it, be loose and spontaneous. If something doesn't work out in your mind, put it to the side and start on something else. Just the time you spend doing that will have given you a distraction from what ails you LOL. See!

 I found this Art outside my bedroom window, just sitting there in the sky!

And by the way, Art comes in all forms, Cooking, Dancing, Drawing, Dreaming, taking Pictures, you name it!
Have an Artful day!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.