Outside of the Box!

I just love these Configuration Boxes from Tim Holtz. This 21 box gem was so much fun to create but more than that it was fun to imagine. This is a great project to do alone or share with friends, as I did with my friend Sandra. It would also be great to do this project with Kids and others by giving each person a box and when they are all done put your work of Art together.

98% of the items in this Board are Tim Holtz but you can add just about anything really. Most of the boxes are lined with Tissue Tape. Whatever your them this is a great way to display it.

The box on the left was created by Sandra. using Salvage Stickers which was used in the whole project (Crowded Attic and Lost & Found). Oooh if you see those, pick one up. You will always find a use for the fabulous stickers in these books.

In the box on the right I layered white and black glitter and stuff cotton in to keep it from mixing and moving. I broke the top off of a cheap paint brush and that button is from Tim's Accoutrements. The Paint Box is my inspiration.

Embellishments include Sprocket Gears, Word Keys and that hand is a Jolee sticker. The Box with the Elephant is layered with Diamond Glaze.

This box was created by Sandra who cracked me up when she went outside and got a twig and turned it into a tree using bagged moss. The Dolls are 'Fractured Dolls' Tim Holtz. Those frame embellishments are Jolee stickers. She had a blast creating the little boxes.

You know me, Live, Laugh, Create, Play! I love the Bingo cards because they remind of something. What I don't know but it's there LOL. The embellishments are 'Hitch Fasteners' Tim Holtz.

LOL. I love this little box. Fractured Dolls, Locket Keys, Sprockets, Diamond Glaze.

 Letters from the Lost and Found Sticker Book. Matted and set on thick cork to give it dimension.

Butterfly from Crowded Attic Stickers.

The Butterfly is sitting on a piece from 'Fragments' tied to a piece of nylon string.

 The background in this book is actually from the cover of the Salvage Stickers book. Just cut a piece off and attached it. Already collaged! Gotta love that. :-)  Those little bottles are 'Corked Vials' Tim Holtz.

The top box in this pic was created by Sandra and the bottom is a pic I took on a trip to Bodega Bay last year. :-)

 This Configuration Tray was created as a sample board for a local craft store but of course, now I'm hooked. And what a great way to use bits and pieces of ephemera and joyful junk I've collected and done nothing with.

Well thanks for letting me share. Off to see the Wizard of Crafts and deliver this treasure to it's rightful owner. But I'm Hooked!!!

Have a colorful creative day! And remember, take time to 'Live Outside the Box!'


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.