Uncovered -A day at the Amador Valley Quilt Faire

I'm always looking for new (or new to me), interesting, colorful and beautiful Art and recently found it at the 'Heart and Hearth' Quilted Treasures XIV Quilt Show at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA. I have to admit that I was skeptical as to whether I'd be moved or not (only because it's an Art that I'd not deeply familiarized myself with before this day.

My host and Quilt Show Chair, Jeanne B. Brophy gave me a brief history on the Quilters and the Quilts and then invited me to check out the 'Antique Bed Turning'. Wow, Quilts with so much history. Just beautiful. The detail, the colors. And the fact that they were working with so much less than we have access to now. I was moved! For me I was most impressed by the details. The time and love that has gone into not only making, but preserving these beauties is tremendous. They were handled with the utmost care by white gloved ladies who were enjoying them just as much as they turned them.

There were dozens and dozens of machine and hand crafted quilts, Traditional and Contemporary. The Guild not only shows. They donate and educate. Historians and History, quilted.

These colorful works of Art definitely inspire. The beauties at the beginning are Jeanne B. Brophy and her grand daughter Lexee and the quilt is called 'Flower Fairies for Lexee'.

It was a good experience. www.amadorvalleyquilters,org

Thought I'd give you a peek :-)) Note: There is music


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