FYI: My Yummy Diabetic Post

If you have any kind of ailment, disease, or disorder you have probably experienced some sort of gauging through medical supplies or treatments. That is such a big pet peeve for me. LOL. for real. I came across a medical bill from a few years ago for a hospital stay. They charged for everything...down to the box of kleenex and the tests I never even took. But enough of that. I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about the medical/health industry madness for now. Anyway.... I just wanted to tell you about a recent experience.

As a 30 year Diabetic I have to do the usual Glucose Monitoring. Over the past few years Monitors have come and Monitors have gone. They've gone from huge to tiny, standard to fashionable, basic to techie. Well recently after running out of test strips for my Freestyle Lite meter I jumped in the car, drove to the nearest pharmacy only to discover that for a box of 100 it was over $100. Dismayed but not discouraged I searched on. Why oh why are those things so high? It's not like you have to send them back for reading! I personally consider it gauging! :-(

Ok so the point is... I found a brand that works, is cheap and even attempts to be as fashionable as the rest without the cost. It's called a Reli-On Micro  and I believe they are only available at WalMart.
This kit came with everything I needed for simple no fuss, fast and accurate testing. The monitor is small, it only takes a tiny bit of blood and it even came with 5 changeable face plates, a lancet device and lancets. And I purchased strips (50) ok your not going to believe this... all of it for under $35!!

I'm not a huge WalMart fan, unless there's something I need that I know is way cheaper there, but on this one I give them a hands up! :-)) Affordable is the word these days. :-) Just thought I'd share

Oh and I also wanted to throw in a sweeter that I've been using. That works really well too.

I've been a Splenda fan for a while and still like it but a friend turned me on to this stuff...I got two full bottles at Costco for $7. Worth a try if you use sweeteners.

Okay and just for fun.

Two yummies

This is Shrimp marinated in Lime Juice and Cilantro. Served over Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarello. Yuuuummmmmy!

And for a yogurt or pancake or other fav topper

Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Blueberries, juice from half a Fresh Orange and a pack or two of Splenda (which creates a little thicker juice.

Ok I admit it, once in a while a couple of pancakes is all it takes to bring a smile to my face LOL!

Have a Yummy Colorful Day!


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