Avatar - Mind Bender?

I have a question to ask. What movies did you see 2009? Did you see Avatar?

I ask only because I'm curious to know what people took away from that movie. I simply thought of it as Art. Yesterday I came across an Article on the Internet Discovery News and I was stuck for a minute. Is it just me or do some people have a tendency to read to much into movies? The Author asks "Is Avatar Racist?" and I just didn't get that. I saw it and I swear I left thinking 'what a wonderful movie' without reading anything extra into it. I thought the whole movie was done well and that's it. I didn't connect it to politics, race, religion or anything else. Ok I searched further... A Guidebook for Unresolved 'Avatar' Questions. Maybe you have a different take on it?

I think the day when 'A thing is excepted for the thing it is' is a long ways away but imagine the time that would be saved when over analyzing is replaced by acceptance. When tearing down is replaced by building up. And when a movie is just a movie (unless the creator specifically says "pay attention this is a message piece" LOL. I'm just saying!


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