Living in Color - in Milfleur!

Have you ever walked into a place that the moment you stepped through the door you felt wrapped in good energy? Like you actually took a momentary exhale? As you know, I leave home searching for Inspiration to share a lot. Not really searching because I always seem to walk into it, but I leave knowing that there is Inspiration to be had and shared. Today was no disappointment. I left the house to find my way to Mt. Diablo and take a couple of pictures. Not really impressed with snow (3 years in Reno cured me of that) but I knew there was beautiful pictures to be had!Anyway... I'm also working on a fun, almost therapeutic project (building a Table Top Christmas Village) so I thought I'd go out and get some ideas. Okay rewind...
My first stop was Longs Drugstore. And what a wonderful stop it was. As I dug through piles of Christmas Decorations and trimmings, thinking of landscaping ideas for my village I had the pleasure of meeting a lady named Debbie. Debbie introduced me to a store called Milfluer. She was so excited as she described it that I had to make my way over there. Wow. Owner, Terri Carlson has definitely put her heart, good spirit and dream into this place! A place in a building rich with History that's been standing for over 150 years. At one time it was the Jailhouse! and get this...the barred windows are still there! And believe me, the ladies working there have certainly filled this place with their good energy. No nasty ghostly feeling there. Check it out.

So much color, the smells were comforting and it was nice and warm which considering the fact that it was 40 degrees outside was very welcoming. And... yummy snowman cookies were there to greet me! :-)

Original jail window bars

So much color here! So much inspiration. Visions of Sugar Plums indeed!

If you need a unique Christmas ornament or decoration, Candles, gift items and more. This is definitely worth a visit. And they even gift wrap with lovelies and Pixie Dust!
This beautiful leafy creation was full of twinkly glass dragonflies and butterflies.

You know how much I love Color so you can only imagine how goofy I was in this place! LOL
These lovely ladies, Biddy and Deborah welcomed me and made me feel right at home. They were more than happy to fill me in on the history of the building and talk to me about all of the beautiful products. And I think I was actually in there for a good amount of time LOL.

Another stop of my Divalicous Holiday Spirit route. I'm happy that I was where I was, when I was and how I was. There are really still so many people out there with good energy and lots of spirit. I met a few today! :-) Thanks ladies. Happy Holidays. I'll be back!

If you're in the East Bay they are located at 200 Ray Street in Pleasanton. Their number is 925-600-0460. I can't wait to see what the next season brings in this wonderful place :-) I hear Fall colors come to life there.


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