The MailMan, The Assyrian & The Domino!

Wow, I can't believe a week has past since my last post. That's scary. I think I get swallowed up in Art and forget who and where I am LOL .... who am I?...Where am I? LOL It's been busy and I can't even force myself to stop so I guess I'll keep it moving until the body says "No More!"

So let's see, well there was Halloween. Since I live in a complex I don't really see many kids during Halloween but I did run into this gorgeous little dude in the Post Office on Halloween day.
Since our Mailman routinely puts mail in the wrong box, sometimes doesn't come on Saturdays at all, and seems to find rainy days as a deterrent to delivering mail... wonder if we can recommend this little guy for the job!

Sunday I went to a Baby Shower. Now a Baby Shower is a Baby Shower, unless its for my friend Jackie and it's Assyrian. This is Jackie and her beautiful family! Yes she is actually sitting in a sea of gifts!

I am a person that is always fascinated by different cultures and this was a great experience. I had never been to such a big Baby Shower, there were at least 70 women there. Beautiful women with a strong sense of pride and country. My favorite was a truly beautiful woman with true Old Country style. She stood and prayed in her native language and it was beautiful. I of course didn't understand at all but knew she was praying and it was beautiful to hear. There was lots of really good food and appetizers. The appetizers were a couple of types of Hummus, with pita bread wedges and Tabbouleh Its primary ingredients I think were cilantro, bulgar, mint, tomoatoes, onions and lemon juice, seasonings and olive oil. I could be wrong but either way, it was the best Tabbouleh I'd ever had. The main meal was even more wonderful with Roasted Tomatoes, Rice, Chicken which had been tossed in some flavorful sauce and Kabob. Now usually when we think of Kabobs it's chunks of stuff on a skewer. There was no Skewer. This was wonderfully flavored meat ground finely and cooked in a long Kabob. So yummy! The party favors were just as extravagant, they were Crystal Baby Carriages, wow! And the cake!

All in all it was a beautiful experience and I'm happy to have been included. I love learning new things and I learned lots that day!

So.... I've latched onto another art. LOL. Dominoes. And I love making them and selling them and I'm so excited about this line. Here's a couple:

Theres a ton of then on my website for purchase and fun.

So now I'm working on a party, making cards and sending invites out to Opportunity so it knows it can come a knocking anytime!

Oh, let me take this opportunity to say Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me and following me and sharing my Blog, Site and Articles with others. Much Love!!! Much Love!!!

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