As I drove through my neighborhood today I noticed there were far more houses decorated and anticipating Halloween than I'd seen in the several years I've lived here. It dawned on me that while the economy has affected most, during the Holidays in hard times, people tend to go overboard with Holiday Madness. Can it be so? I do live in a small town, so signs of all sorts are a usual sight. Causes to be fought. Presidents to protest and promote. Campaigns for this and that and people I never heard of. Unfortunately I see them so much that my eyes have trained themselves not to look (tee hee hee). The decorations are a welcome relief.

Now what did stop me in my tracks... Christmas, yes Christmas decorations. Lights blinking, strung with abandon. Say it isn't so! A season rich with Holidays and celebrations is upon us. I am happy that my children are grown. While I do love the season, the headaches, the pressure to be The Good Witch, The Big Turkey and Ms. Claus, is not something I miss. I appreciate being able to enjoy this time with mellow appreciation. I remember receiving millions of gifts for holidays as a kid...I can't tell what any of them were. Well except for the Chatty Kathy cause I loved her LOL.This year I'm going to participate in the spirit of giving. Seriously, I always pic a few places to send anonymous gifts to or someone random to send a card to. The Holidays touch us all in different ways. I'm going to do a survey and find out what folks do for the Holidays!

Okay, here it is LOL

What do you regularly each Holiday?
Do you prefer to spend the holiday with family, friends, loved one?
What's the most ridiculous amount of money you spent during the Holidays?
Who's a priority on your shopping list? i.e. friends, family, boss, Parents

Last year the decorating bug passed me by. Let's see if the same happens this year~

Look at this tree :-)
So anyway, I'll get as ready as I always do. I'll pull out Halloween Rubber Stamps, black and orange papers and inks, have lots of fun creating some cards or something. Put it down, and never look back LIOL. ooops.


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