A couple of times I noticed on my son's Facebook page that he mentioned he had been in a Sushi Coma. One of the many things we have in common is that we both love Sushi. He lives in New York so I'm sure he has access to some really yummy Sushi! Anyway..... I always laugh when I see that statement until.... today. Recently I've eaten more than my fair share of Sushi. Aside from the fact that I love it, it's just a super easy thing to do when cooking is just not an option. Who wants to turn the stove on when it's a million degrees outside.

Today...I experienced Sushi Coma! I started feeling the nap about midway through lunch with my friend Kathryn from KVCreative Designs. We feasted on a lunch of Spider Rolls, Shrimp Tempura Roll topped off with Salmon and a Cherry Blossom (pictured below). Can I just say OMG! Yummy!

I wanted to mention the name of the place but the service was so awful I cant even recommend. The food was however, delicious. But it was one of those things were if the food wasn't so damn good the place would have gotten a full Thumbs down! The service was awful and the Waitress was in one of those "if you say the wrong thing I might cut you" kind of moods.

Well that nap was unreal. I think I have to slow down on the Sushi LOL. Woke up in a fog. Forgot was I was planning on doing LOL. It's 11:30 something at night and I guess I'll create some Art now!

Oh, my latest article is up on Divapreneur Magazine. This one is called 'The Ultimate Date'. If you've had this Ultimate Date then you are fortunate. If not, hook it up! :-)
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I hope you have a Groovy weekend and stay cool (or warm if you're in cold climate now). Lots of Artful events around the Bay Area tomorrow. Hopefully I can shake this fog and go out and support some friends! Peace, Love and Sushi! :-)


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.