It's Alive!

The birth of a Diviacity Painting LOL. I was doing Dramatic yall!

Well I just finished my 4th weekly article for Divapreneur and whew are my arms tired! For real. LOL hmmm think I need to consider a new setup for my laptop. Wow, writing these Articles has really been eye opening for me! I realize as I write each one that I've learned a lot and still have so much more to learn. It's nice being able to create something based on reality. Then there's of course hoping people get the right message from it. I'm so matter of fact, sometimes that I have to filter the mouth LOL. Its all good though. It's such a wonderful experience to be able to share lessons ya know. Anyway....

I'm working on this painting and I swear it's taken me longer to do this painting than any I've ever done! So here is some pics of it in stages:

The coloring is off because I was having bad lighting issues. Thank goodness for the wonderful Ottlite I found on clearance for $20! You heard me! $20! What a steal! It started at $159. Love those kinds of deals! And its the kind that clips on to a table or easel and you can adjust the light over the canvas. So these pictures are taken with better lighting. And of course I've painted a little more since then.

Don't let the headless people traumatize you. I plan to give them heads before long! So thats what I have so far. The painting is about 4 feet long so its got a lot of space for imagination!

All of these products will be used in this painting :-) Yes that is a paper towel roll back there. They make the best circles. So instead of worrying about drawing a perfect circle I can simply dip the roll in paint, pat it avoid clumps and press directly onto canvas. I like all levels of Acrylic except Craft Acrylic. It's more watered down and not as seamless to work with. My favorite is Heavy Body acrylics. They are rich and I love experimenting with them. The lighter to medium bodied paints work well with dry brushing. Another must have for me is a Sketch and Wash pencil. I sometimes sketch out parts of my design and simply wipe away pencil with lightly dampened papertowls. I found that comfort grip brushes really do work best if you paint for long periods of time. Also I a inexpensive pallet knife set and tube keys (for winding up tube when it starts to get low.

To other items that are priceless to me in my colorworks is Gouache (more opaque properties) and Irridescents. They each have their purpose and add life to my paintings. Anyway, I guess I was just taking a break LOL and here I am and I did just notice its 2:45. I should probably sleep so I can wake up and finish this painting LOL.

My focus word for today will be Receptivity! My heart and mind are open! So I'm going to listen and create! I've received great emails about the Articles I write. Thank you! Hugs.


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SuperWoman Stress

Next Article Thursday, August 27th.

Have a great day!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.