Babylon Sister -Another Neurotic Post!

OMG! Can you believe we are already into the first week of August?! In the year 2009!!! What the... Okay well I remember sitting on the front porch (many moons ago) staring at the sky and thinking by the year 2010 we'd be flying around in cars, wearing clothes made from metal and living in a Demolition Man type era. So the cars just look like flying saucers, the clothes (although some definitely weird and way out) are just an evolving version of what they were, and somehow I'm back into Maxi Dresses, Tye Dye shirts, Bell Bottoms and Wedge Heel Shoes.

What I feared and respected at the same time about progress and evolution has not come to pass entirely! Although some things have happened as predicted (like war, out of control commerce, wayward rulers, etc.) apparently the 'End of the World' hasn't happened or I wouldn't be sitting here writing my Neurotic post this morning. And Aliens haven't come to take over the Earth (although I swear I know a few, they just won't admit it). The Dinosaurs haven't come back, although.... well I'll leave that one alone. You get the point.

As I approach a half century of living..LOL I'm sorry, I just had to say that out loud, I realize that I have been very blessed to have lived through and seen the amazing things I have seen. So I don't look at this whole aging thing as a curse (because of course the alternative would be not aging) but as a blessing. To think I lived through a wayward marriage, raising two children, a corporate existence, several riots, a few earthquakes and so on... I'm okay with that! LOL.

Now I think I have experience to share. I have knowledge for the less knowledeable (the young and all-knowing). I have history that many only hear about or read about. So it's all good. And the things I used to say when I was younger like "she knows shes too old to wear that" or "who does she think she is"... LOL that's me! I wear that, and I think I'm all that. LOL some days. Some days I just think I'm a funny person and I spend way too much time thinking! And as I write this I'm cracking myself up. I'm looking at an unfinished painting, piles of product I need to get to the store, Jewelry I have to show, it's almost 11 and I haven't had breakfast, sniffling with allergies and listening to Tru TV (something I really need to stop) and you know that's a cute picture of the Altered Diva! The Babylon Sister! Video The Traveler. LOL Some days I wonder why I wear so many hats and then I remember, my heads too big for just one. Too much to do. But loving every minute of it. LOL.

These are my Grand dogs... Snoopy and Gizmo. I know you can tell which is Gizmo LOL He became a member of the family (by way of my daughter) yesterday. Aren't they too cute! LOL

Have a great day and remember to enter the current contest! IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!


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