Its with laughter and um... thoughtfulness that I realize my bed would not crash if it fell, there's no where for it to go. 2 or 3 easels, piles of canvas, boxes of rubber stamps and tons of other art goodies hold it at its post. The closets might yield another type of danger. I'm sure I've probably already suffered a couple of concussions over the years after being pummeled by falling cigar boxes, displays and supplies. Considering that I live in a small space storing my art supplies takes just as much creativity as working with them. Fortunately, a friend (and landlord) came to my rescue. With Starbucks in hand at the crack of dawn we methodically pulled the living room apart and turned it into a Studio/Living Room. The result is a beautiful peaceful and inspiring space and I couldn't be happier.

Over the years setting up at vendor fairs and parties I have built up a collection of displays. This year I have found out that carrying these things up and down stairs is no longer something I can afford to do physically LOL. So they came in handy for setting up my Studio area. I purchased and traded for other items needed to make this space work. Now the trillions of pieces of paper I have have a home. The rubber stamps can be acessed without hassle. Its a dream come true for a small space such as mine.

Fortunately, during this process I was able to find things I'd long forgotten. Unfortunately, I'd discovered things I'd bought many times over because I couldn't find the previous LOL. Bad I know. We created a great work and storage space by placing 4 foot tables against the wall and covering them with a vintage linen I found at a thrift store. Now I can store my millions of Stampington/Somerset (I admit to being addicted) magazines neatly and reach them as needed for inspiration. We also placed a couple of those heavy duty plastic 3 drawer units under the tables for storing product and paints. The spinning display rack worked perfectly for the rubber stamps and a smaller one holds my color products like GlimmerMist, Chalks and Alcohol Inks and sits nicely on the table. We then cornered 2 of the 4 foot tables and created a desk space that is just perfect. Laptop on one side, work space on the other, and should I need more work space the easy store tables (the legs just screw off) make a great addition.

Of course its still a living room so I had to keep an area for TV viewing, resting and looking at the view through the balcony doors. We did this by setting the entire room up in a U shape. It feels roomy and looks cozy and professional at the same time. The Futon provides extra sleeping area for guests but also has a great space for storage underneath and behind. Extra tables, portable folding chairs and extra displays now have a home out of view but very accessible. I was told this apartment is a little over 700 square feet. I prefer not to think about that...LOL. But the area I live in is superb. Clean, Quiet and calm enough to give most of the surrounding neighbors a false sense of supreme security. I decided that I'd stay here until I get that Beach House of my dreams or they drag me out kicking and screaming! So making it work artistically was the only option.

Aside from that, I've realized that since I have this new workable creative space, theres a calming more peaceful air when I do create.

Now that I've got that out of my system... its off to the closet to dig for beads LOL. One day all will be as one! But on a good note, I did find a long forgotten sketch book from when I first attempted to draw. There's something to be said for organization, especially by a completely and I do mean completely, Unorganized Artist!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.