1. It's Healing (Mind and Spirit)

Sometimes when things are overwhelming or we have a lot going on we tend to internalize. Journaling helps you release thoughts that hinder from your mind. Once you have brought them out you can visualize them and you can deal with them immediately or realize that they are really not as much of an issue as you think they are.

I sometimes suggest writing out each issue that is consuming your thoughts first. Then going back a little later and writing out ideas on how you can deal with them reasonably and even quickly, if they in fact need to be dealt with!

2. It's Educational (Mind)

You can use your Journal to document things you learn along the Journey through life about yourself and about the things around you. It can be a source for you to return to time and time again for information.

3. It's Healing (Self Outlook)

Did you over react today when someone said something you didn’t like, or someone cut you off on the road. Did you feel hurt when someone criticized or maybe you were overwhelmed when someone encroached on your personal space. Write it down.

Now write down what you did right before this incident and right after. Get it? Sometimes without thinking about it, we let little things that happen effect us and we bring them out unknowingly when emotions are high. Once in a while keeping track helps to figure out why we do what we do, and then recognize it in the future.

4. It's a way to keep record of your life.

Do you remember the day you realized you were grown? Do you remember exactly where you were when you heard some really good news or how it affected you? Maybe a conversation with your kids you’d like to remind them of when they have kids of their own?

5. It's Healing (Can improve your outlook on life)

Reminding ourselves of good things that happen in life, in our own lives or the lives of those around us can really go a long way when we are feeling in a rut or that our Journey is stalled. If you believe everything happens for a reason, keeping a Journal of the things that happen in life can sometimes give you direction when you seek answers.

6. You can learn so much about the choi
ces you make and how you deal with them.

Ever wonder why you have bad relationships, over and over again. Or why you keep ending up in dead in jobs or any other repetitive actions.

Looking back over Journals you’ve written in the past can sometimes show patterns that were repeated when you didn’t realize it. It can explain why by showing you what things you did in those situations, how you handled them and how you resolved them.

7. It's Healing (Forgive and Forget)

Sometimes to heal we need to forgive and forget. And sometimes, we need to say “I’m sorry!” Keeping track of who we are and what we do can shed light and teach humility when we don’t realize that we need to take that path.

8. You can learn about self defeating habits and how to stop them.

This is no joke! I wrote about twenty or more times in a one year period about the wonderful cakes and desserts I’d made. I was single. I ate those desserts! Need I say more! Well, as I guiltily snacked on a bowl of peach cobbler while I read back over that Journal I realized that I was doing some serious damage in the kitchen! I was doing way too much!!

9. You can learn about your strengths... and weaknesses.

Art is a strong point for me. Staying organized is not! Hmmm, It’s never been. Thanks Journal! Thanks!


And by Journaling you can find out just how much and why it’s a good thing! It’s a damn good thing!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.