deYoung Museum and Art by the Gun (Literally!)

I recently had the utmost pleasure of visiting the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. Absolutely nothing sparks the creative fires like witnessing your passion from the inside out. Seeing who started it, how, what they used, why they did it. The main attraction (the reason we went) was the Masters of Venice exhibition. There were moments when all I could do was stare in awe. The processes used to create these wonders are amazing and remember they didn't have one iota of the tools and products we do now. Unfortunately they didn't allow photos in that Area of the Museum but follow the link above to learn more.

However, of course I did take hundreds of photos when I could LOL.

While I was totally in awe of what came before it was this exhibit that stunned me most! Spine and Tooth of Santo Guerro by Al Farrow. A Church made of totally Guns, Bullets, Bones and well see for yourself. I can't explain my reaction because I'm still processing it. It's truly the most unusual but I'm sure there's so much more behind it and research is needed. So here are the pics I got.

 Yes that is a spine in the above pic!

It's a beautiful Museum and the Exhibits are Fabulous! That is all :-)



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