Today is all about giving Props!  So I'm tipping my most colorful hat to the following:

Props to all of the Artists out there that work their hardest to keep Art alive, in the forefront and available to everyone especially the kids. Because we know what the school situation is like when it comes to Art these days!

Props to all of the people that keep it real. People that make things clear for us when others make the waters murky with lies and foolery!

Props to the Teachers that teach us new things we never imagined and take us places in our learning that we've never been.

Me and My Spirit Nephew (I'm his play auntie :-))
Tops to the young people who have a dream and even at the cost of losing friends or being considered an outcast continue on their Dream Path.

Tops to all of the fabulous people I've crossed paths with over the past few years. The people that helped keep me focused and strong when the easier thing to do would have been to walk away.

Tops to all of the people who have shared their wisdom, hearts, crafts, good energy!

Props to the Artists that go out there and do it, their way, without offending, but more making a statement of individuality and keeping "Freedom" in their message. I can't say I care for them all as far as what they do entertainment wise but I do care for the fact that they are not afraid to be 'unique'.

Props to the people that work to preserve history in Art. Such as Vintage, Ancient, Foreign, different mediums, etc. Without them we wouldn't know most of what we do today about Art and Entertainment. Let's face it, pictures on the wall tell stories we would have never known otherwise.

Props to all of the people who are related to me in spirit! :-)) I love you like a play cousin!

Props to all those who grace our lives with sound! Not just dancing and singing sound, but sound that tells stories, like Sounds of the Forest, Spoken Word, Historians, and yes Musicians and Actors and Crafters, etc.

 Props to Photographers who take those pictures that tell the story with proof. After all, seeing is believing.
Props to my friends who have been there from the beginning and remain through all of my Dreams and stuff that comes with that. (If you're an Artist you know what I'm talking about!)

Props to anyone that reads this LOL :-) Seriously. Props to you. Only people with good energy hang out here so Heeeey! :-)

Have a fabulous relaxing day and hey, tip your hat to yourself and say "I know I'm Good!" :-))


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.