A reason to be scarey LOL

Do you like Halloween? I know it's a silly Holiday but oh my its so much fun. You get to be silly, eat lots of junk and bring your creativity to the forefront. And you gotta admit, with the way things are now, Creativity is a life saver! And sometimes you just have to reach for whatever creative opportunities available. To me that's what Halloween is. A fun and sweet escape and opportunity to be even more creative.

I've been on a roll because well, I'm moving and anything silly to lesson the pain of packing and lifting and trashing and doing it over and over is a welcome break! :-))

I don't have really fond memories of Halloween from childhood or anything and truthfully don't remember any costumes (well accept that they were those funky plastic things that surely didn't allow your face to breathe LOL). What are some of your Halloween memories? Are you creating goodies? What are they?

Whatever you do I hope you have a blast. You can learn to make all of the projects above by visiting my Episode 8  http://blip.tv/file/4227191

Have a colorful day and let those creative juices flow! :-)


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.