Parties On! 1000 Fan Contest

Ok here it goes. The 1000 Contest! "How Are You Living In Color!?" :-)

To Enter all you have to do is Comment on the Facebook Wall with a photo or video clip of how you're Living in Color! If you sew, cook, dance, do hair, scuba dive, break dance, draw, paint, sing, play music or just take photos! What ever it is just post it. ... pick the winners! There will be 2 winners for this contest! Simply click 'Like' on each post that you like. The top two 'Likes' will win the contest. And.... there's more! These prizes will be more personalized. All are welcome to enter.... Only one submission per person please. (and I don't know if you heard but I give fabulous prizes!)

Now...let's get this party started!!! :-)) LIVE IN COLOR!!! I love yall! 




Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.