My First Quinceañera

Today I left the house in search of Inspiration and as usual my Camera rode passenger side. My first stop was a back road that I take for the greenery and the calming effect it always has on my senses. I stopped and took this amazing pic

I decided to drive a long road in San Ramon and just take in the fresh air and sights. Then I saw these guys!

I swear I was like the Divarrazzi out there LOL. These dudes were not at all impressed with my presence and in fact, refused to look up. That's alright, everybody gets one! LOL

Now this is where it gets good! I'm driving along minding my own business and what do my eyes spy?...
Tires screeching, excitement, I turn, and turn again. I can't help it. My camera runs this show!

It's a beautiful 15 year old Young Lady named Jazmine having her Quinceañera. I know this because I parked and after being dragged along by my camera made my way to the carriage.
Check out these beautiful pictures.
Look at those beautiful braided tails

The name of the Carriage company is
Fancy Ferriage by Horse & Carriage
Their website is
And they do various events!

Well all in all it was another great day thanks to Inspiration, my Friend Beverly Rhett whom I started a new Blog with (East Coast/West Coast Divas) more about that later, Mother Nature and the Love I've been receiving on my Journey in life and working on my Dream!! Mush Mush maybe, but it's all good to me!

Life is Good!

(pssst... Thanks to Jazmine and the beautiful Carriage people for talking to me and letting me take pictures. What fun. I even learned a little more about horses. Wow)


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