Hey Now! Hows it going? So it's been an interesting few days. It's like any funky stuff in the air was on a seek and bring down mission. But hooray... I won! LOL. So I have spent the last 3 days making Journals. And making a Video. And writing an Article. And working it all out. Let me tell you, if you ever get stuck at an Artist Impasse... get a Creativity Coach! (Lisa Gentile, great Coach) I mean it. There's definitely something to be said for the person that can drive you into Motivation with Communication! No joke. This lady makes me think in a way that I normally can't because my attention span really isn't that long, Actually it never has been. Seriously, Sister Mary used to drag my butt out of the class by the ear and make me stand in the hall face to the wall, because I was too hyper LOL! Even in Art it's not that long, which I think explains why I do so many different things.

So after being stuck at an Artist Impasse I'm on a roll! LOL. Today I had an Artist Lunch with 2 fabulous ladies (Julee, HeartCollective and Gina, Tangerine) who are Fabulous Artists and Entrepreneurs but Friends first.... Hey I'm making up a new word right now ARTREPRENEURS.... Did I make that up...wait hold on, gonna check LOL... no, I didn't :-( LOL But I really like it so I'll just pretend in my head while I write this post. LOL...cause I'll forget by the time its over. Anyway I got to visit Gina's studio, Where a Diva Definitely Creates! :-) It was so much fun and so inspiring.

Then I took a quick run to the store where I met the cutest woman wearing a cute above the knee dress with boots. It immediately catapulted me into memory lane. We laughed as we talked about the 80s. Wow those were the days. So if you were there, you remember. You might try to forget but you remember.

Okay this was 1979 but I had to add it in. LOL, it's close enough.
Yes that's one of those double belts and those are polyester pants LOL. Anyway, a few of the things I remember from those days were:

We were ordered to wear pantyhose, dresses and at least 2 inch heels at work. And they could get away with it.

Back then office buildings allowed smoking. And I can remember getting off the elevator and walking into a smoke filled office where about 2/3rds of the 300 employees smoked.

The Red Onion was across the streets from the office and at least half the office would return to work after lunch, Drunk! LOL no joke.

The Cadillac Seville was a big deal LOL.

Minimum Wage was about $3.00 an hour (or close)

And oh my goodness! Do you remember the Rubiks Cube?

I think I consumed a million Honey Buns during the 80's. Oh and Dr. Peppers!

Milk and Bread were under a dollar.

Pac Man! My First PC, the print on the screen was an Amber color and the modem was as big as a VCR is now. Dot Matrix printers LOL..nosey as hell, but did the job. But wait...the Word Processor LOL. Word Processors were actually separate machines remember?

Some genius came up with Post-It Notes LOL and there was that Gregg Book of Laws for Secretaries LOL...well that's not what it was called but that's how companies used it! Oh my, I guess I better stop. I'm going back LOL. Oh one last thing...

Big hair was cool
That's me on my 21st birthday LOL. for real. Again with the double belt! Oh and those pants were Linen and that jacket was Velvet and I loved it to death LOL. Don't wanna discuss the hat LOL.

That was a lot of fun! :-) Glad you came along! What are some of your memories from the 80's?

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