Diva's Day Out! - Vacation in a Day!

Wow that Monterey Beach trip lasted 2 days LOL. Not physically, but mentally. Sometimes cleansing in whatever way works for you is the best thing you can do for your brain! Each time I spend hours looking at the vast ocean I kind of lose myself in its beauty and at the same time I leave a bunch of crap there. Some things just dont seem so important anymore.
Because I see Art in everything I came home with plenty to paint. The sky was beautiful, the birds were cooperative as I pointed my camera and snapped shot after shot of them. It was all in all a beautiful day. If you can't afford a vacation this year, make little inexpensive day vacations. It is so worth it!

We had lunch on the pier at a wonderful little restaurant named Old Fisherman's Grotto. Oh my goodness if you want to talk about delicious Clam Chowder. and as my Diva friend (who also happens to be in Culinary School) says it was Plated Beautifully! Seriously though, it was so yummy. We also had Calimari (oooh I could eat more of that right now! And Fish and Chips. Just wonderful and delicious. Way to spoil yourself! Good Friend, Good Food, Location, Location, Location!

Sometimes you just have to stop and be Divalicious! Yes those are Delicious Margaritas, Stirred not Shaken (tee hee hee). I'm not a drinker at all but... Refresh! Yeah baby!

So lets say it was a great day at the Beach and motivation and inspiration was to be found every where. Very inexpensive at the nearest Beach Town (Monterey) and worth the drive (oh yeah, I got lost and the trip there took way and I mean way longer! LOL).

The next morning we continued our weekday vacation by going and pampering our bodies. See my toesies... LOL... this is just too silly and too much fun!

Dinner at Fridays finished the weekday vacation and its back to handling business and working toward the greater good! I'm excited because I have a Creativity Coach now and I feel so honored that she welcomed me into her group. I feel like I'm going to learn so much and all knowledge pushes closer and closer to that dream goal.

So I'm wide awake, it's 1:39 a.m., I just got off a three hour phone call and the painting I started two weeks ago is calling me.

OH YEAH.... my second Article in Divapreneur Magazine has been published. If you've never read my articles let me tell you... they are up front, to the point, honest and tried. You have to read to see what I mean. Divapreneur Magazine Online. Stop by if you can, it's a great site, and say hi okay. Leave a comment if you can. I love hearing from and responding to everyone. Have a colorful day! Live Large...if only mentally! :-)

pssst.... I have tons of fun and artistic instructional videos on Youtube! Take a break! :-)
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Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.