Another Nuerotic Post...I Wanna Sing!


This may well turn into one of those neurotic posts I love so much! Things have been so awesome lately that I just want to sing about it! Just when you thought lots of the people you are so close to are destined to be lost in a sea of negative energy they spring out, happy and feeling optimistic about the future. And whether they realize it or not, you feel that joy and excitement for them! After all, they are the people that you care about and as a matter of human nature we share energy with those closest to us.

I noticed just last week that so many people were being extra positive and sunny and that the bulk of conversations did not center around the recession, politics and crime, instead people talked of what they were going to do to have fun, enjoy nature and the sun and happy events in their lives. While I admit to being one of those people that feels others energies a little more than most (if I talk to people who are depressed I'm soon depressed too, if they are happy go lucky, then go lucky happily do I!) I work at trying to be the voice of sunshine and motivation. It's definitely what has moved me.

I don't know this gentlemen but look at that beautiful smile on his face. As I lay basking in the beauty of Mother Nature on the beach a couple of days ago he walked by looking satisfied and peaceful after his short flight over the ocean. He stopped and gave a "I'm happy" for my camera without hesitation. After all, isn't that what life is about. And I forgot to mention, I was there thinking "I'm happy about it all!" too. The company was wonderful, the energy was great and Nature was doing what she does best. Just being beautiful!

In the past few weeks I've rekindled old friendships with misplaced friends (cause I just couldn't find them), hung out with women who motivate me and inspire me with their positivity and energy, made great new friends of like mind (Artists and Creators) and made so many artful connections through not only this blog but other Artists blogs and connections. Life is good and I want everyone to love it! LOL. Which is one of the reasons I do the Contests and give away stuff LOL. I just like the energy it creates when you share a part of your creativity with someone else. I guess I truly believe in "Pay it Forward!"

I've been invited to write a weekly column for Divaprenuer Magazine and I couldn't be happier about that! My first article will appear next week! If you haven't checked this Magazine out please do it's a definite worthy read! The title links to the site. Lots of information for women entreprenuers and women that are interested in bringing a little something more to their lives!

Okay on to the next adventure. But hey if you need some inspiration or just a good laugh...write me! That's what friends do! :-) And the title of this post is "I wanna sing!" This is my song for today :-)

Peace and Colorful Days to you!

LOL LOL LOL...My Horrorscope (yes I know) for today!

Make the most of your good energy today -- you can open new doors and meet new people with ease! You're sure to surprise at least one person who thought they knew you inside and out. Off I go! Ciao!


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.