Sweet Thangs

Can we say a collective YUMMY! :-) Ok that time of year is hear again and I couldn't be happier. I've broken out the Kitchenaide and LET THE BAKING BEGIN! :-) What's your favorite seasonal food? I have to admit I love cooking and baking it a lot more than eating it but it's all fun! This year I'm baking and baking some more. My latest love is cake pops. I have a friend that went on a cake pop spree a few months ago and every since I've been fascinated by these little balls of sweet rich yummyness.And believe me, I don't know if its me making them that rich or if that's just the norm but either way I promise once you start hooking these little treasures up you won't want to stop. I'm already planning my next flavor when I'm making them LOL.

What's better is they really aren't that hard to make. It's what you do with them after you get the batter together that makes them even more yummy and special. As with any treat adding your own special touches is what makes them pop. They make great gifts and since they are so rich one per customer is just great.

For these Chocolate Pops I made the batter so rich I just topped them with the chocolate because well I didn't want to cause pain by chocolate. But oh my goodness...YAY!

 These Decadent Lemon Pops truly 'Take The Cake'!  The great thing is you can use your own mix or simply use store bought mix and jazz it up. For these I added zest of lemon to the candy melts and I added lemon juice to the cake mix. I was going for tart and lemony but sweet and rich. Score!!!

 They are individually wrapped in cellophane bags and ready to go!

These are just me being silly and trying to decorate them LOL

Simple and easy recipe to start with:

Bake a cake (according to your fav recipe or box instructions) and let it cool (I break it up to let it cool)
Add 1/2 Can of frosting or start with a 1 cup measurement add up if you need to. (you only want to make it enough to allow you to form balls)

Form balls by rolling between hands (now they do have forms but this is so hands on and makes it so much more fun)

Let set for a few minutes in the refrigerator while you melt your chocolate. I use the Guittard and Wilton Chocolate melts. Its not necessary to add anything to the melts simply melt them in microwave or in bowl over hot water on stove) I have added things to melts but very carefully :-)

Dip stick into chocolate and push into cake ball. Allow them to set a few minutes (generally by the time I have them all done I'm ready to start with the first one. Dip into chocolate, stand to set and well really that's about it. That's the easy stuff. Making them your own creative masterpieces only requires imagination and creativity. There are lots of videos and websites out there with recipes and ideas including my fav which is Wilton. You can find them on Facebook or on the internet. Now off you go. Bake and Create! :-)

 Oh...and it's all about having fun and being creative. I'm not a professional chef or baker. Just someone who loves to do it and can get down in the kitchen! :-))

Have a Yummy Day!!! :-))


Steph Jordan Artist has been creating unique creations since childhood. Mixed Media Art is her life. From teaching unique workshops to creating promotional items and more Steph makes high end costume jewelry,paints colorful imaginative art and makes things shine.